Company Coaches - Terms & Conditions

Coaches Leeds, Coach Hire


“The Company” means Company Coaches, Northside, Bankwood Road, Stapleton, Nr Pontefract, WF8 3DD

“The Hirer” means the person named in the Companies recorded and booking system.

These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing.


  • Quotations are based upon a direct route and on information provided by the hirer. The route used will be at the discretion of the company unless this has been specified by the hirer.
  • Quotations are valid for 28 days.
  • Quotations are given subject to the Company having available a suitable vehicle at the time the Hirer accepts the quotation.
  • Should the Company incur any unforeseen or abnormal costs, i.e. fuel increase, the Company will inform the Hirer at the earliest convenience.
  • A quotation does not constitute a formal booking. Acceptances of quotations should be emailed to the Company, without email confirmation, the booking will not be made.


  • A confirmation booking will be sent by the Company once we have received emailed confirmation from the Hire.
  • A deposit and a refundable bond will be required to secure the booking. This will be informed at the time of booking and on confirmation.
  • If the deposit and bond are not received within 7 days of the booking been made, the booking will be cancelled.
  • If the outstanding balance is not received within 7 days of travel, the booking will be cancelled.


  • Should the Hirer cancel the booking, the Company shall be entitled to retain the deposit.
  • Should the Company cancel the booking, the Hirer shall be entitled to recover the deposit or full payment if payment has been made.


  • The Company has the right to provide a larger vehicle than that quoted for at no extra cost, however, if any extra seats are used other than what was originally quoted for, the Company is entitled to charge an additional sum.
  • The Company is entitled to substitute a different vehicle or vehicles, including those of other operators, subject to the substitute vehicle been of similar quality.
  • The Hirer cannot assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys or that the vehicle will remain at the destination for the Hirers use unless this has been agreed prior to with the Company.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on any of the vehicles. Anyone found drinking alcohol will be asked to leave the vehicle.
  • Food and drink (not including alcohol) may only be consumed on the vehicle with prior consent from the Company.
  • The equipment on the vehicle including radio, DVD player, microphone, beverages, and toilet facilities are only provided with the prior consent of the Company.
  • Smoking/Vaping is not permitted on the vehicles. Anyone found smoking/vaping on the vehicles will be asked to leave the vehicle.
  • Any damage, vomit, made on the vehicle will result in the Company retaining the bond, or if damage is in excess of the bond, the Hirer will incur extra charges to cover the cost/loss.

Drivers Hours Regulations

  • The agreed hours of hire must be strictly observed (other than in a case of serious emergency or diversion), to enable Regulations governing driver’s hour and rest periods to be complied with. The Company has the right to curtail or alter any hire which does not comply with the Regulations. If the hirer should delay the departure/return of the journey or interrupt the journey that may put the driver at risk of breaching the Regulations, the Company will charge the Hirer with expenses incurred for the cost of providing a replacement driver.

The Hirer

  • The Hirer must not load the vehicle beyond the number of passengers that it is legally permitted to carry.
  • No animals (other than Guide Dogs which the Company has been notified of in advance) are permitted on the vehicles.
  • Placards, posters, banners etc are not permitted to be displayed on the vehicles without prior consent of the Company.
  • The Hirer shall be fully responsible for the proper supervision and conduct of all minors travelling on any vehicles. The Company or the driver shall not be responsible for such supervision or conduct.

The Company

  • The Company reserves the right and authorises its drivers, to remove or prevent anyone boarding the vehicle who is in breach of statutory regulations or who is in the opinion of the Company or the driver, may cause inconvenience or danger to any of the passengers or damage to the vehicle and as such the Company will not be liable for any loss or delay caused by such person.
  • The Company gives no authority to the driver to waiver any of these terms and conditions.
  • The Company is entitled to refuse to carry any excessive quantities of luggage on the vehicle.
  • The Company will store any lost property found on the vehicles at the Company’s premises and endeavour to return them to the rightful owner. Any items not recovered within 14 days may be disposed of.


  • The Company is not liability for loss and damage of whatever nature and howsoever caused in respect of passengers’ luggage and effects.
  • The Company will, at the written request of the Hirer, arrange additional insurance at the Hirers cost.
  • The Company will under no circumstances be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of whatever nature or howsoever caused.

Breakdowns or Delays

  • The Company provides its journey time in good faith. However, as a result of break down, extreme weather conditions or traffic congestion or other events beyond the reasonable control of the Company, journeys make take longer than predicted and, in those circumstances, the Company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the Hirer as a result.
  • In the event of breakdown, the Company will endeavour to provide another vehicle or source out another vehicle if at all possible.



We trust you will have no cause to complain but in the unlikely event of this happening, any complaints must be received in writing/email and we will endeavour to respond within 14 days.